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At SSI Services, we understand the critical role that ovens, grills, stoves, fryers, and other key pieces of restaurant equipment play in your daily operations. Downtime isn't an option in any kitchen, which is why we offer expert, reasonable repair services to keep your kitchen running smoothly. Our certified technicians, recognized by CFESA, specialize in servicing a wide range of manufacturers to ensure that your equipment receives the best care possible.


Ovens are the backbone of any kitchen, and downtime can significantly disrupt service. Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge in a range of brands, including Alto-Shaam, Vulcan, and Hobart, providing your oven with the best care possible.

Common Service Calls for Ovens:

  • Thermostat Malfunction:
    • Thermostats are key in maintaining correct temperatures and maintaining them properly. A faulty one could lead to varying temperatures, yielding uneven cooking or extended cook times.
  • Broken Heating Elements:
    • Heating elements are essential for ovens to reach and maintain temperature. If you are experiencing extended heating time or no heat at all, a failed heating element may be the culprit.   
  • Ignition Problems:
    • Gas ovens are particularly prone to this issue; ignition issues prevent the oven from lighting or cause irregular heating. Commonly, pilot lights and electronic ignitions are the usual suspects for such problems.
  • Faulty Controls:
    • Control panels can hinder the ability to set or adjust temperatures, modes, or timers, impacting the oven's efficiency. So, if you are experiencing a loss of functionality, a flawed control panel may be to blame.
  • Oven Door Issues:
    • Oven doors are often opened and closed, and issues with seals and hinges are not a matter of if, but when they will fail. Unattended issues with door hardware can lead to heat loss or inconsistent cooking.

The grill is the heart of many kitchens, and maintaining its performance is vital to the quality of your menu. We service a variety of grill types from brands like Vulcan and Southbend, focusing on reliability and longevity.

Common Service Calls for Grills:

  • Burner Problems:
    • Clogs, corrosion, or wear can lead to inefficient grilling. Cleaning or replacing damaged or clogged burners is a common repair to ensure even heat distribution and return the grill to peak performance.
  • Ignition System Failures:
    • Typically, grills use an electronic ignition or a pilot light to ignite burners. Faulty spark generators, worn ignition buttons, or blocked pilot lights, can prevent the grill from lighting. Repairing or replacing these components is vital to maintain safe operation.
  • Thermostat Calibration and Replacement:
    • Some grills have adjustable temperature settings, and a faulty thermostat could lead to diminished food quality. If left to the whim, they can become miscalibrated or fail. Recalibrating or replacing the thermostat can resolve these issues before they become an issue.
  • Gas Leaks and Connection Issues:
    • Gas grills rely on a consistent and leak-free connection to the gas supply. A leaking gas supply poses significant safety hazards; while loose or damaged connections can affect grill performance, a gas leak could be catastrophic. Regular inspection and replacement of defective gas lines, connections, and valves is critical for ensuring safety and functionality.
  • Grate and Cooking Surface Maintenance:
    • Heavy use can lead to wear and tear on the grates and cook surfaces, including warping, rusting, excessive grease build-up, or loose food particles. Sometimes, a little elbow grease goes a long way, but sometimes, replacing grates or cook surfaces is necessary to restore efficiency.

In the fast-paced environment of a commercial kitchen, a reliable fryer is crucial for delivering high-quality, consistently fried dishes. Our seasoned technicians bring their expertise to brands like Pitco, Imperial, and beyond, providing thorough diagnostics and precise repairs to keep your fryers in peak condition.

Common Service Calls for Fryers:

Pilot Light Issues:

    • Gas fryers commonly have issues with pilot lights not staying lit, which can prevent burners from heating correctly. Broken thermopiles are the usual suspects for pilot light issues, and it is advisable for a certified technician to address this issue to prevent further damage.

Thermostat Problems:

    • When a fryer's temperature is not under control, food may cook too fast or slow. Malfunctioning internal thermostats could be the reason for this issue. Using an external thermostat to verify oil temps can provide insight into this matter.

Clogged Burners:

    • Clogged burners typically do not fully ignite around their circumference. Simply cleaning the orifices with a wire brush once the burner has cooled sometimes corrects this problem.

Faulty Thermostat:

    • Thermostats are essential in regulating the oil temperature in the fryer. If they are not functioning properly, it could result in the oil being overheated or not reaching the appropriate temperature, leading to burnt or undercooked food. Sometimes, recalibrating the thermostat or reconnecting the wiring may resolve the issue, but replacing the thermostat could be necessary.

Malfunctioned High Limit Switch:

    • Coupled with the thermostat, this component prevents oil from exceeding the set temperature limit. A defective high-limit switch may fail to communicate with the thermostat, potentially overheating. Replacing a defective high-limit switch is often the fix.
Steamers & Kettles

Commercial kitchens depend on steamers and kettles to create a wide array of dishes. Our skilled technicians specialize in servicing steamer and kettle brands such as Cleveland Range, Groen, and Vulcan, offering comprehensive diagnostics and meticulous repairs on these top manufacturers.

Common Service Calls for Steamers and Kettles:

Lime Scale Build-up:

    • An accumulation of limescale in steamers and kettles in areas exposed to hard water affects proper heat transfer. Descaling and water treatment can prevent this issue, but professional cleaning or part replacement might be necessary in cases of excessive build-up.

Faulty Heating Elements:

    • Steamers and kettles rely heavily on heating elements to generate steam or heat contents. Over time, these elements can burn out or malfunction. Replacing faulty heating elements is a common repair to restore proper function.

Thermostat Calibration:

    • Thermostats control the temperature in steamers and kettles. If the thermostat is out of calibration, it can result in undercooked or overcooked food. Recalibrating or replacing the thermostat, in most cases, resolves these issues.

Leaking or Damaged Gaskets

    • Gaskets can wear out, crack, or become damaged over time, which can lead to steam leaks and pressure loss. Therefore, it is essential to replace them to maintain optimal performance and safety in steamers and kettles.

Valve and Control Malfunctions:

    • Steamers and kettles have different valves and controls that are responsible for their operation and safety. Problems such as valves that are stuck, safety valves that leak, or control knobs that don't work properly can affect their performance. Repairing or replacing these components is essential to ensure the equipment functions well and is safe.
Warmers, Proofers, & Hotboxes

Warmers, proofers, and hot boxes are essential for maintaining the ideal temperature and texture of meals and baked goods, preserving their quality and taste. Our technicians are highly skilled in servicing top brands such as Hatco and Traulsen, specializing in precisely calibrating and maintaining these units.

Common Service Calls for Warmers, Proofers, and Hotboxes:

Heating Element Failures:

    • Heating elements in warmers, proofers, and hot boxes can fail due to wear and tear or electrical issues, leading to inefficient heating. Replacing faulty heating elements is a common repair to ensure consistent temperature control.

Thermostat and Humidity Control Issues:

    • Precise temperature and humidity control are crucial for proper operation of proofers. Thermostats and humidity sensors may become miscalibrated or fail, requiring recalibration or replacement to maintain the ideal environment for dough-proofing or keeping food warm.

Door Seal and Gasket Replacements:

    • Over time, the seals and gaskets on the doors of warmers, proofers, and hot boxes can degrade, leading to heat loss and inefficiency. Replacing these components helps to restore energy efficiency and performance.

Fan and Air Circulation Problems:

    • Fans are necessary for the distribution of heat and humidity in proofers and warmers. Problems with fan motors or blocked airways can cause uneven temperatures, requiring repairs or cleaning for optimal operation.

Electrical and Wiring Issues:

    • To ensure safe and effective operation, it's important to address electrical issues, such as faulty wiring or malfunctioning switches, in warmers, proofers, and hot boxes.
Steam Tables

Steam tables are essential for restaurants and buffets to keep various dishes at ideal temperatures. Our technicians are skilled at servicing popular brands like Duke Manufacturing and Turbo Air, specializing in ensuring that these units efficiently maintain consistent heat distribution.

Common Service Calls for Steam Tables

Heating Element Replacement:

    • One common issue with steam tables is heating element failure, leading to inadequate food warming. Replacing faulty heating elements ensures proper function and temperature maintenance.

Thermostat Issues:

    • The thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature of the steam table. However, if it gets out of calibration or fails, it can lead to holding food at incorrect temperatures, compromising food safety.

Drainage Problems:

    • Steam tables usually come equipped with a drainage system to get rid of any excess water from the wells. Any blockages or damage to this system can lead to water accumulation, which can adversely affect the unit's performance. Clearing any clogs or repairing the drainage components is crucial to ensure proper system functioning.

Worn-out Gaskets and Seals:

    • Over time, the gaskets and seals around the wells and lids can wear out, leading to heat loss and inefficiency. Replacing these components can help restore the steam table's efficiency and effectiveness in keeping food warm.

Electrical and Wiring Repairs:

    • Electrical issues, including faulty wiring or malfunctioning switches, can affect the steam table's ability to heat up and maintain temperature. Addressing these electrical problems is crucial for the safe and effective operation of the steam table.

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