Our Story

In 1993 John Seppy began his management career with McDonalds which lasted approximately 10 years and learned how to create training programs and systems of operating. This led to their service department and the handling of all HVAC and appliance repair. After leaving McDonalds, John spent 8 years working in the commercial mechanical and appliance industry where he honed his technical skills and accompanied them with the necessary organizational processes and procedures used at SSI today.

In 2006 John, his wife Lisa, and son Thomas moved to Deltona, FL from New Hampshire (Just what FL needed, another Boston fan) and launched Jolito Inc. Jolito is derived from the first 2 letters of John, Lisa, Tom. Doing business as Sepco Air which evolved into Sepco Services which evolved into SSI (Sepco Services Inc).

SSI is a licensed Mechanical Contracting Company providing service for the following industries: electrical, refrigeration, heating, air-conditioning, and commercial Appliances.

We strive for a reputation as a high-quality, professional contracting company with a commitment to professionalism and excellence in the delivery of services.

Our Team

SSI views its employees as extended family. Therefore, we labor to make sure all employees are having fun and finding true fulfillment in their positions. “We want you excited to come to work every day and never want to leave; I mean leave for the day sure, but never want to work somewhere else.” – John Seppy.

SSI is committed to having some of the best paid technicians in the industry, making the work environment as enjoyable as possible, and in turn, expect our employees to commit to always giving their best. We demand excellence, not perfection.

Mission Statement

SSI Services will maximize our core strengths through strong training programs, developing advancement opportunities, and promoting from within the company.

Big enough, yet small enough

We are big enough to handle your every need in a timely fashion. We are small enough to care about EVERY customer and treat them with appreciation. Dedicated account managers communicate and educate so you are always 100% satisfied.

From the Owner

“We can never forget to look at this from the customer's perspective” - John Seppy