Nov / 09 / 20
Utilize this checklist as a guide to minimize safety risks, losses, and recover quickly from the storm.

Hurricane Prep Checklist

May / 06 / 20

Improve Your Businesses Indoor Air Quality

At SSI Services, nothing is more important than the health and safety of your employees and customers.

As you begin your planning of reopening for business, we want to provide you information on some of the services we can offer your business to help before, during and after your business is open...

Sep / 26 / 15

A/C Maintenance: What Do the Professionals Do?

Given the hard work that cooling systems in our area do, professional A/C maintenance should take place annually. The costs associated with annual service are small compared to the consequences of neglecting your system or replacing parts prematurely. Heat pumps and air conditioners have many components subject to wear and environmental conditions that affect their...

Sep / 22 / 15

What About Turning the A/C Off During the Day: Should You?

The fight against the Orlando area’s high cooling bills has given rise to two schools of thought about turning the A/C off during the day. Some believe it’s more efficient to keep the air conditioning on and maintain a stable, cool temperature rather than expect the air conditioner to remove a whole day’s worth of...

Sep / 19 / 15

Thinking About Air Conditioner Replacement? Here’s What You Need to Consider

With the heaviest part of the cooling season drawing to a close for the year, you may be giving some serious thought to the performance of your air conditioner. If your cooling system hasn’t performed up to your expectations, it may be time for an air conditioner replacement. Air conditioner replacement isn’t an overly complex...

Sep / 17 / 15

A/C Not Removing Enough Humidity? Here’s Why

The sticky Florida summers are known to leave residents sweating it out. You may retreat indoors for some relief, but air conditioning issues can leave the A/C not removing enough humidity from the air. Why Is Your A/C Not Removing Enough Humidity? While you may be worried that your air conditioning isn’t working, the reason...

Sep / 15 / 15

Reduce the Need for Air Conditioning in Your Home and Save

When you take steps to reduce the need for air conditioning, you’ll see those high electric bills fall during Florida’s long, hot summers. It also will take a load off your HVAC equipment, which helps prolong its life. These five tips offer long-lasting ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency: Inspect the condition of the...

Aug / 26 / 15

Up A/C Efficiency and Save on Costs

Anything you can do to improve A/C efficiency will lower your cooling bills. Considering how long and hot the summers last in the Orlando area, the time and small expenses associated with increasing efficiency is well worth it. Tips to Improve A/C Efficiency Check the air filter monthly. The air filter may not seem like...

Aug / 21 / 15

Want to Hold on to Your Current Air Conditioner? Here’s How to Get More Out of the A/C

Winter Park is anything but wintry in the summer, and even the normal wear and tear on your air conditioner can reduce its life span. In climates like ours, you can get more out of the A/C by reducing its cooling load to extend the life of the system and reduce cooling costs, all without sacrificing comfort. Use...

Aug / 14 / 15

Replacing the A/C: 4 Questions You Need Answered

There are many reasons for replacing the A/C in your Winter Park home, including increased comfort, greater efficiency and smaller energy bills each month. However, before you go shopping for a new system, here are four important questions you should ask, which can help guarantee your comfort and satisfaction. Is This the Right Time for...

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