Medical Facility's

Seamless patient experiences begin with a well-maintained facility. Rely on SSI Services to uphold the impeccable standards your patients and staff deserve.  

HVAC Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

HVAC systems play a critical role in maintaining a conducive environment for patient care in hospitals and assisted living facilities. SSI Services delivers HVAC solutions that adhere to the high standards required in medical settings, ensuring a controlled and safe environment for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Maintaining Medication and Sample Integrity

In the healthcare sector, refrigeration units are essential for storing medications and clinical samples. SSI Services ensures these crucial systems operate flawlessly, maintaining the integrity of sensitive materials critical to patient health and medical research.


Supporting Nutritional Needs in Healthcare

In healthcare facilities, providing nutritious meals is essential for patient health and recovery. SSI Services ensures that kitchen equipment, such as stoves and ovens, is maintained to the highest standards, supporting the nutritional needs of patients through reliable and efficient meal preparation.


Guaranteeing Continuous Patient Care

The reliability of electrical systems in medical facilities is paramount to providing uninterrupted patient care. SSI Services offers prompt repair and maintenance services, ensuring that healthcare operations are never compromised due to equipment failure.

Proactive Maintenance for Healthcare Equipment

Efficient operation of medical equipment is vital in hospitals and assisted living facilities. SSI Services offers customized maintenance plans designed to prevent unexpected failures, ensuring continuous, high-quality patient care and safety.


Expertise in Healthcare Facility Management

In the healthcare industry, where the stakes are high, the expertise and understanding of facility operations are crucial. SSI Services provides exceptional service and maintenance, driven by a deep comprehension of the needs and challenges of healthcare facility management, ensuring optimal patient care and facility efficiency.



SSI Services offers comprehensive facility management solutions, not limited to HVAC repair. Our team of qualified and certified technicians is equipped to handle a variety of issues, including problems with air conditioning, refrigeration, or cooking equipment. We are committed to providing reliable and high-quality service to meet all your facility needs.


Commercial Kitchen Equiptment

Hot Side, Cold Side, All Sides. We’ve got your back!

We know the immense pressure restaurant owners and General Managers are under. Let us remove equipment going down from your list of worries with our fast response times and our trained and thorough technicians.  



Repair and Maintain any refrigeration? Yes we can.

Freezers and coolers hold thousands of dollars of product. It is a race against the clock if one of these vital pieces of equipment goes down. SSI views any down refrigeration equipment as a level 1 priority and will pull techs off lower priority jobs to get there before it’s too late.


Air Conditioning

Florida + Summer - Air Conditioning = :(

We repair, service, and replace every cooling system imaginable for commercial or industrial. No problem is too small or big for us.



Don’t waste money hiring a separate electrician. We take care of it all under one roof.

As licensed electricians you can be confident that one company is responsible for every aspect of repairs and replacements of capital equipment.

SSI doesn’t charge overtime!

We can save you up to 15% with our unique SSI process.

What’s the catch?

4 Reasons Why SSI Works for You

We Guarantee up to 15% Savings

SSI does not charge overtime to our maintenance agreement clients.

SSI provides a thorough preventative maintenance program that will prevent costly expenses. We are so confident in our maintenance program that we will not bill you for any maintenance related issues between your quarterly maintenance services.

Unique scheduling saves you money. We know of no other company who employs our unique scheduling process that splits our technicians work schedule across all seven days of the week. This prevents unnecessary labor costs thereby increasing savings which are passed on to our customers.

Complete One Stop Service

Our team of technicians is able to service all of your Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Electrical and Commercial Kitchen (cooking) equipment. We guarantee the quality of all of our services to the highest standards to minimize downtime for your business.  

Up Front Estimates

Our technicians are able to provide you with an equipment's services history as well as an up-front estimate after the diagnoses of the equipment. This allows you to know the service history and cost before completing a final repair. 

Done Right - Done Now

SSI will answer your call 24/7.

24 Hours Emergency Service.

Same-Day Service and Rapid Response

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