Indoor Air Quality

In today's fast-paced commercial landscape, the importance of seamless maintenance and repair services cannot be overstated. SSI Services, a name synonymous with excellence, offers a wide range of solutions to keep your operations running smoothly. From clean rooms to industrial fume exhaust, SSI Services has you covered.

Clean rooms - are the backbone of various industries, especially pharmaceuticals, electronics, and aerospace. SSI Services specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining clean rooms that meet the highest industry standards. Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees a sterile environment, free from contaminants, where precision is paramount.

Dehumidification of "Severs"  - the heart and soul of modern businesses. Ensuring their optimal performance is non-negotiable. SSI Services excels in server dehumidification, preventing moisture-related issues that could disrupt your digital infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art solutions safeguard your data and keep your business running smoothly.

Exhaust and Make-up Air - In an industrial setting, maintaining air quality is essential for the health and productivity of your workforce. SSI Services provides top-notch exhaust and make-up air systems that efficiently remove pollutants and replace stale air with fresh, clean air. Breathe easier and ensure a safe working environment with our solutions.

Air Cleaners VAV Systems - SSI Services understands the need for energy-efficient solutions in today's eco-conscious world. Our Air Cleaners VAV Systems offer a smart way to control ventilation, optimizing air quality while minimizing energy consumption. Enjoy improved indoor air quality and reduced operational costs simultaneously.

Oil Mist Collection - In industrial settings, oil mist can be a persistent issue, causing equipment damage and posing health risks to employees. SSI Services specializes in oil mist collection systems that efficiently capture and remove oil mist from the air. Protect your valuable machinery and ensure a safer workplace with our solutions.

Fume Exhaust - Industrial processes often generate harmful fumes that can be detrimental to both the environment and human health. SSI Services is your partner in maintaining a responsible industrial footprint. Our industrial fume exhaust systems effectively capture and neutralize harmful emissions, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

No Substitute For Training & Experience.

SSI Services only hires technicians with vast amounts of experience on all different systems and applications. The same technician we send to a standard residential AC repair is the same technician we will send to a hospital chiller system.

Server Room Warning

Don’t allow your servers and major IT equipment to be subject to damage and potential loss of integral company data. We custom design server rooms to be conditioned 24/7 even if the power goes out.

Managers/Owners Special

All Commercial preventative maintenance customers receive special pricing on residential home services as well.