Sparks Program

We're guaranteed to save you 15% on annual repairs and service with NO OVERTIME EVER! Need we say more?

Introduction to Sparks Program

Introducing the Sparks Program by SSI Services—your ultimate solution for cooking equipment maintenance. Designed to cater to businesses’ diverse needs, this program ensures your equipment runs smoothly, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Why Choose the Sparks Program?

Our NEW Sparks Program is more than just maintenance; it’s a partnership for your business’s success. With SSI Services, you benefit from reduced maintenance costs, no overtime charges for after-hours services, and significant labor rate discounts. Experience peace of mind knowing your cooking equipment is in expert hands.

Comprehensive Service Coverage

From gas pressure checks and calibration to thorough inspection of safety controls, our Sparks Program covers every aspect of your cooking equipment’s maintenance needs. Our skilled technicians ensure optimal performance and longevity of your equipment, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why our Sparks Program offers flexible service options to fit your specific requirements and budget. Whether you need quarterly or semi-annual maintenance, we provide detailed services that keep your equipment in top condition.

Cost-Effective and Reliable

Partnering with us for regular maintenance with our Sparks Program can save you up to 15% on maintenance and repair costs compared to reactive servicing. Enjoy predictable spending and improved equipment reliability, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.




The average service call for preventable equipment issues is $425. The average preventative maintenance service is $375 and includes NO OVERTIME EVER.


Ready to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your cooking equipment? Join the Sparks Program today and ignite the full potential of your business’s kitchen operations.


         Services Include:

Deep Fryers
  • Document Age and Condition
  • Clean burners
  • Check gas lines and valves for damage
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check for Oil leaks
  • Thermocouple
  • Gaskets
Ovens / Alto Shaam
  • Document Age and Condition
  • Check heating elements
  • Amp draw
  • Check hardware
  • Power cords
  • Switches
  • Circulating fan motor
  • RH stats
  • Wiring
Flat Top Grills
  • Document Age and Condition
  • Clean Burners
  • Check for Proper Gas Pressure
  • Gas orifices
  • Valves
  • Controls
  • Thermal piles/pilots for normal burning operation with no carbon or soot
Heat Lamps
  • Document Age and Condition
  • Check switches
  • Controls
  • Element connections
  • Wiring
  • Document Age and Condition
  • Check mechanical drives
  • Conveyors
  • Switches
  • Controls
  • Elements
  • Cooling fans and power cords
Steam Tables
  • Document Age and Condition
  • Check water wells for leaks and corrosion
  • Elements
  • Wiring
  • Indicator lights
  • Controls and knobs
Cheese Melters
  • Document Age and Condition
  • Check switches and controls
  • Heating elements
  • Wiring
  • Check standing pilot
  • Controls
  • Burners
  • Gas pressure
  • No carbon or soot
  • Document Age and Condition
  • Check for failure codes
  • Door gaskets
  • Power cords
  • Displays
  • Touchpads and mega ohms
Warmers & Proofers
  • Document Age and Condition
  • Check gaskets
  • Latches and locks
  • Hinges
  • Canisters
  • Power cords
  • Switches
  • Elements
  • Circulating fans
  • RH stats
  • Wiring
Steamers & Kettles
  • Document Age and Condition
  • Check gas lines for damage
  • Proper gas pressure
  • Door gaskets
  • Water levels
  • Water leaks
  • Locks
  • Handles
  • Latches
Filter Pumps
  • Document Age and Condition
  • Check motor amp draw and suction capabilities
  • Check micro switch connections
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Condition of hose
  • Control switch
  • Ball valves

Expert Repair & Maintenance in Florida: Jacksonville, Tampa & Orlando

At SSI Services, we're more than just a repair service - we're your dedicated partners in ensuring smooth operations. In Jacksonville, we're the go-to for refrigeration walk-ins (WIC & WIF) maintenance. Tampa businesses trust us with their Alto-sham and fryer repairs. And in Orlando, our AC repair and air conditioning services are second to none. Because with SSI Services, you're not just a client - you're family. Entrust your restaurant and commercial equipment needs to a team that sees beyond the machinery. Reliable. Professional. Family.