Oviedo, FL

Air Conditioner and Heater Repair Services

Oviedo, FL, developed in the late 1870s as it met the need of nearby settlers for an accessible post office. Andrew Aulin needed a unique name when he filed paperwork for the post office and used a city in Spain as inspiration. Activities in the area focused on citrus growing and other agriculture. However, an 1895 freeze was disastrous for the citrus industry. Much of the downtown area was destroyed by a fire in 1914. Despite setbacks, the city continued to grow and it was officially chartered in 1925.

Oviedo Demographic Information

Oviedo’s population was recorded at 33,468 at the time of the 2010 United States Census. The median age in the community is 35.3 years. About 28.2 percent of residents are children with 5.6 percent under the age of five. An estimated 7.4 percent of the population is over the age of 65. The community reflects a high interest in education as 94.1 percent of residents age 25 or older hold high school diplomas and 41.7 percent hold bachelor’s degrees or higher post-secondary degrees. The median household income in Oviedo is $82,168, and the city features nearly 3,500 firms. The mean travel time to work in the community is 29.4 minutes.

Education for Oviedo Residents

Students in Oviedo are served by Seminole County Public Schools. The district was recognized as an academically high-performing district for the sixth year in a row in 2013. The district has also maintained an A rating with the state’s Department of Education since 1999. Families interested in private educational opportunities have more than 30 options in the community. More than 30 preschools are available to provide solutions in early childhood education to area residents.

Residents can consider nearly 20 colleges and universities within a 120-mile distance from Oviedo. Nearby options include theUniversity of Central Florida in Orlando and Rollins College in Winter Park. In fact, Oviedo offers students coming to Florida for school an excellent environment in which to live.

Oviedo Attractions and Resources

Nature enthusiasts will find that Lukas Nursery is an amazing spot for enjoying the beauty of the butterfly. The Butterfly Encounter allows year-round observation of both butterflies and birds. Oviedo Farmer’s Market offers monthly access to fresh produce and unique goods. From golf courses to airboat tours, there are numerous attractions and activities that allow for enjoyment of the area’s natural beauty.

The Oviedo Recreation and Parks Department manages indoor and outdoor facilities that promote wellness and active living. Sports leagues, summer camps and other programs address the interests of residents in varied age groups. The Seminole County Public Library promotes literacy by providing access to a variety of print and electronic materials. The library also offers ongoing events.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Oviedo

Oviedo residents can expect mild winters and hot, humid summers. Average summer temperatures hover near 90, but extreme conditions can drive the mercury above 100. The humidity can compound the discomfort felt in warmer weather, making indoor climate control a critical concern. It is important to schedule preventive air conditioning service prior to the start of hot weather so that problems can be identified and fixed before air conditioning repair issues can crop up. Additionally, preventive services help to increase comfort levels and decrease the costs of operating an air conditioning system.

At SSI., we are available to assist with emergency air conditioning repair on a 24/7 basis. We encourage preventive services for safe and efficient home comfort control throughout the year. We also provide new installations, indoor air quality services and maintenance. Our technicians are carefully trained to do excellent work, and customer satisfaction is our top priority.