Hotside Equipment

Restaurant kitchen equipment repair for the hot side of the line is very important. We have dedicated hot side technicians who are uniquely gifted at giving a thorough diagnosis and repair to avoid just replacing parts. Our customers can’t afford to have their vital cooking equipment down for even a couple hours or else it may jeopardize customer satisfaction.

Ovens/Grills/Stoves/broilers - Our average customer has multiple ovens, grills, and/or stoves but they still never want to have a unit down.  Heating elements, amp draws, power cords, circulating fan motors, RH stats and more are all taking into account when our technicians are performing a diagnosis.

Fryers- Restaurant fryer repair takes a lot of experience for any proper repairs. Gas line and valve damage is very common for these pieces of equipment. Maintaining the right gas pressure, locating oil leaks, and replacing old gaskets are of primary concern for fryer repair.

Steamers/kettles- Commercial kettle repair is typically due to a disregard of manufacturer recommended operation. Many customers can avoid equipment issues by maintaining proper water levels and not using more product than intended. Service for kettles and steamers usually consist of finding water leaks, replacing door gaskets, lock, handle, or latch  failures. Since these pieces of equipment tend to be less expensive we will give you insight to whether your best course of action will be replacement over repair.  

Heat lamps/Warmers/Proofers- These often overlooked pieces of equipment tend to have small repairs become a hassle. Major reasons for service are usually related to switches, controls, or element connections. While servicing we always review gaskets, latches, hinges, locks, canisters, circulating fans and more.

Steam Tables- Steam table repairs and service are usually tied back to the water well leaks and/or corrosion, bad elements, or controls and knob issues.

Toasters/Bun warmers- If you need service for this type of equipment then there are specific items like mechanical drives, conveyors, cooling fans and power cords which our technicians are extremely familiar with. Sometimes the repair is small but the diagnosis to locate the specific faulty item takes longer than the repair itself.

Mixers- Depending on the size, your mixer may or may not be a vital part of your food prep process. We service full size industrial mixers which have very large shafts and require strict oil regiments or will burn out and fail completely. We also service small mixers and replace something as simple as the knob.

Microwaves- Service calls for microwaves tend to be more expensive than replacing the units, so with these pieces of hotside equipment we check for failure codes that show a cord issue or bad microtron, otherwise we recommend the customer go ahead and replace the unit.

Dishwashers- Repair and service for a dishwasher is something very few can do correctly. We pride ourselves on how strong our technicians are in this area. The health department can come down on a restaurant very harshly if dishes are not being sanitized properly. Therefore, this often considered secondary piece of equipment is actually something that can’t be down for long.

Specialized Hotside Techs

Hotside equipment is something that requires techs with years of experience for a proper diagnosis. CALL TODAY to send one of our tenured techs to your location.

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