Coldside Equipment

Restaurant kitchen equipment repair for the cold side of the line is of paramount importance. Our team of dedicated technicians specializes in cold-side equipment, possessing a unique talent for providing comprehensive diagnostics and repairs, prioritizing solutions over mere part replacements. Our customers understand the critical nature of maintaining their refrigeration and storage equipment, as even a brief downtime could potentially impact customer satisfaction.

Walk-In Freezers- In the food and beverage industry, commercial walk-in freezers are nothing short of lifelines. The last thing any business wants is a sudden freezer breakdown, leading to rising temperatures and potential product loss. At SSI Services, we prioritize walk-in freezer repair as a level-one concern. Our experienced technicians swing into action swiftly to prevent any disruption in your operations.

Commonly used walk-in freezer brands include Norlake, Amerikooler, and Kolpak.

Walk-in coolers- are often bustling with activity, particularly in the presence of busy kitchen staff. High traffic can lead to temperature fluctuations, posing a challenge to maintaining the required conditions. Fortunately, SSI Services boasts a team of seasoned technicians skilled in walk-in cooler service, repair, and replacement.

Popular walk-in cooler manufacturers include Norlake, Amerikooler, and Kolpak.

Reach-in freezer- repairs usually stem from high usage, with hinges and door seals being the primary culprits. Fortunately, addressing these issues is relatively straightforward and cost-effective. Replacing these components involves a simple process of removing the old ones, rolling in the new ones, and plugging it in.

Common reach-in freezer manufacturers include True, Arctic Air, and Turbo Air.

Reach-in cooler- repairs mirror the issues faced by their freezer counterparts, often involving hinge and door seal wear due to high usage. Like reach-in freezers, replacements are cost-effective and typically involve a quick and hassle-free changeout.

Common reach-in cooler manufacturers include True, Arctic Air, and Turbo Air.

Ice machines- often overlooked, play a pivotal role in the beverage industry. Neglecting these machines can lead to a host of issues. These pieces of equipment are designed for longevity, but their full potential is rarely realized due to infrequent servicing. Regular maintenance is vital in preventing equipment failure and potential profit loss. We recommend servicing your ice machine at least twice yearly to ensure peak performance.

Notable ice machine manufacturers include Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Ice-O-Matic, and Scotsman.

Ice cream | Slushy machines - often underestimated, serve a crucial function in the frozen treat industry. Ignoring the maintenance of these machines can result in various problems. While these equipment pieces are built for long-lasting use, their true capabilities are often untapped due to irregular maintenance. Consistent upkeep is essential to prevent equipment breakdowns and potential revenue loss. We strongly advise servicing your ice cream and slushy machines yearly to guarantee optimal performance.

Commonly used frozen dessert manufacturers- Spaceman, SaniServ, Electro Freeze.

Beer glycol chillers - often dismissed, play a crucial role in the brewing industry. Overlooking these units can result in various complications. Despite their durable design, these pieces of equipment are often not utilized to their maximum potential due to infrequent maintenance. Consistent servicing is vital in averting equipment malfunctions and potential profit decline. We strongly advise in-house bi-weekly checks and scheduling maintenance for your Beer Glycol Chiller at least once a year to ensure it operates at its best.

Notable brands - G&D Chillers, Pro Refrigeration, and Chillers Inc.

Stop Loses

SSI Services wants to prevent our customers from every having to throw food away due to temperature of walk in freezers and walk in coolers.

Managers/Owners Special

All Commercial preventative maintenance customers receive special pricing on residential home services as well.