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What About Turning the A/C Off During the Day: Should You?

The fight against the Orlando area’s high cooling bills has given rise to two schools of thought about turning the A/C off during the day. Some believe it’s more efficient to keep the air conditioning on and maintain a stable, cool temperature rather than expect the air conditioner to remove a whole day’s worth of built up heat at once. Others believe an A/C left running all day consumes so much energy that it’s more efficient to shut the system off entirely until it’s needed.

While both approaches seem logical, neither is always right. The best choice depends on exactly how hot the day’s temperatures are.

On Average Summer Days…

On average days, when the temperatures don’t rise much above 90 degrees, turning the A/C off during the day can help you save more energy. The logic behind leaving the air conditioner on neglects one important fact: air conditioners operate at their most energy efficient when running at top speed.

Setting your system to maintain a constant 78 degrees or similar temperature forces it to turn on and off frequently. That’s like driving your car in stop-and-go traffic. Turning your system on at the end of the day to cool down a house that’s reached 85 or higher lets your system rev up to its most efficient speed, which is like highway driving.

During a Heat Wave

Now and then, local temperatures climb into the mid-90s and even well past 100 degrees for days at a time. When a heat wave like this strikes, it’s wise to let the air conditioning run all day. To minimize energy use without having to return to unbearably hot temperatures, turn your thermostat to around 85 degrees.

To make sure you always come home to comfortable temperatures without running your A/C unnecessarily, consider installing a programmable thermostat.

For more pro tips on getting the greatest efficiency out of your cooling and heating equipment, get in touch with us at SSI wherever you are in the Sandford, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach or Oviedo area.

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