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Up A/C Efficiency and Save on Costs

Up A/C Efficiency and Save on Costs

Anything you can do to improve A/C efficiency will lower your cooling bills. Considering how long and hot the summers last in the Orlando area, the time and small expenses associated with increasing efficiency is well worth it.

Tips to Improve A/C Efficiency

  • Check the air filter monthly. The air filter may not seem like a critical feature for your cooling system, but in reality, it is. Dirty filters reduce the amount of air flowing through the air handler that slows down the cooling process. Your system will have to run longer to match the thermostat’s setting, driving up energy costs.A dirty filter can cause a frozen evaporator coil, which not only wastes energy, but it can also contribute to compressor failure—an expensive repair—as well as indoor water damage when the frost melts over the coil.
  • Keep the area around the outdoor condenser clean. Remove any piled up vegetation from the area. If you don’t use a bag with your lawn mower, hose the condensing coil after mowing the lawn to wash away any grass clippings that collect on it. The condensing coil should stay as clean as possible to more easily exhaust the heat from your home. When it’s covered with dust or debris, the cooling process slows.
  • Have the HVAC system serviced annually. When HVAC professionals go through your system, the net result is improved A/C efficiency. They clean and adjust parts, check refrigerant levels and spot small problems before they escalate. The technician will inspect electrical components and tighten them, which speeds the delivery of electricity to other parts.
  • If you haven’t had your ductwork examined in a while, it’s a good idea to ask for this service as part of the routine maintenance. Ductwork leaks drive up cooling costs, degrade indoor air quality and can also backdraft carbon monoxide indoors if you use a gas dryer or water heater.

The experts at SSI can restore A/C efficiency by thoroughly cleaning and adjusting your system. We provide top-notch HVAC services for homeowners in Orlando, Sanford, Daytona Beach, Deltona, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, Apopka, Oviedo and Ormond Beach.

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