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Replacing the A/C: 4 Questions You Need Answered

Replacing the A/C: 4 Questions You Need Answered

There are many reasons for replacing the A/C in your Winter Park home, including increased comfort, greater efficiency and smaller energy bills each month. However, before you go shopping for a new system, here are four important questions you should ask, which can help guarantee your comfort and satisfaction.

Is This the Right Time for Replacing the A/C?

There are certain telltale signs to watch for, that point toward replacement, including:

  • Age – If your A/C is approaching or past 10 years old, replacing it with a newer, more efficient system can help save you money through reduced energy bills. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of an A/C identifies how efficient it is. A higher number is better. An older system may have a SEER of 6 or less, where as today the minimum SEER required is 13.
  • Frequency of repairs –  Frequent, costly repairs are signs that you need to replace.
  • Humidity issues – If the A/C can no longer control humidity levels, the cooling system may be incorrectly sized, in need of repair, or your ductwork may be leaking. Have your contractor inspect and identify the problem.

Should I Replace the Entire Cooling System or Just Some?

The two halves of your split system A/C were designed to work in tandem. Replacing only one half can contribute to service issues down the road, and a mismatched system may also fail to deliver the performance or efficiency that you expect.

What Size A/C Do I Need?

Your HVAC contractor should perform a load calculation using Manuals J and D, to ensure your A/C and your ductwork are sized correctly for your home, climate, layout and insulation.

What Type of System Should I Get?

Invest in a system with a high SEER number to maximize efficiency and energy savings. And look for the Energy Star label. Systems bearing this label are rated at SEER 14.5 or higher.

When it comes time to replace the A/C, call the experts at SSI. We’re proud to serve homeowners in Orlando and the surrounding areas, with more than 20 years of experience behind us.

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