If your home air conditioning equipment has proved less reliable in recent years, you may be thinking about an upgrade before the arrival of hot, humid summer conditions. If your current system is still functioning, you may have the luxury of time for researching. However, if your old system has failed and your upgrade is an urgent concern, you will need to decide quickly on your next system. There are three important issues to explore as you consider installing new equipment.

1. Assess the Current Condition of Your AC

Are you making a decision to upgrade based on poor comfort levels? Issues such as a lack of cool air and poor air pressure could be a sign of a failing unit. However, these could also be tied to poor maintenance. You may not realize that annual AC maintenance is important prior to the summer cooling season. This service allows a HVAC professional to clean your system components so that air restrictions are reduced and so that minor problems can be identified and repaired. Without regular maintenance, your equipment can lose about 5 percent efficiency each year. If you’ve never had a tune-up, you may want to try this before deciding on new air conditioning installation. If your system has malfunctioned, an AC repair may get it up and running again.

2. Consider Your Budget and System Efficiency Options

The ideal approach to preparing for a new air conditioner would be to save in advance for new equipment, knowing that a home air conditioning system typically lasts approximately 14 years. However, many homeowners are taken by surprise with system failures. If you have limited resources available, you may be tempted to choose the cheapest air conditioning installation solution available. While this may ensure you have access to air conditioning in hot weather, you may want to consider your future budget, as well.

If you are replacing a system that is at least 10 years old with a high-efficiency new model, you will be able to enjoy significant seasonal savings on your energy bills because of higher performance standards in the industry. The highest performance levels tend to be associated with higher purchase and installation costs, but it’s worth making the comparison of benefits and expenses to determine how long it will take you to recoup the costs of a more expensive unit.

3. Make the Most of Advanced Technology

In addition to higher efficiency levels, modern AC systems offer many advanced features to enhance your experience. Some of these include:

  • Reduced noise: Look for low decibel levels to enjoy quieter AC performance.
  • Dehumidification: While all air conditioners dehumidify, enhanced dehumidification systems offer greater control to those living in areas plagued by high summer humidity levels. Multi-stage compressors play a role in this facet of home comfort control.
  • Filter drier technology: This can inhibit the growth of mold and other hazardous biomaterials in your filter.
  • Wireless thermostats: Coordinating your new air conditioning unit with a wireless control can provide you with access to real-time details and the ability to make remote adjustments to temperature settings. A control designed to coordinate with your system is the ideal choice for better management of indoor air quality and home performance issues.

Work with HVAC Experts

Whether you need a system inspection or you are ready to price new equipment, the experts at SSI are here to assist. We offer preventative maintenance plans and are happy to troubleshoot and make any necessary repairs. Should you need a new AC installation, we also provide free replacement estimates. Just give us a call to find out how we can help you beat the Orlando area’s heat this summer.