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Be Prepared: Essential Steps to Safeguard Your Business This Hurricane Season

Prep for hurricane


As hurricane season starts on June 1st, it's crucial for businesses to prepare well in advance to minimize risks and ensure a swift recovery. At SSI Services, we specialize in helping you create a comprehensive emergency response plan tailored to your needs. Here's how you can safeguard your operations and protect your business from the impacts of severe weather.

Pre-Storm Preparation

Assess and Secure: Begin by assessing all mechanical and electrical equipment on your premises. Ensure all A/C panels and mechanical systems are checked and secured. If you plan to close your business in anticipation of a storm, make sure to shut off the main gas line to prevent any potential hazards. Clearing debris from roofs and protecting entrances and exits with sandbags or boarded windows and doors will further safeguard your property.

Strengthen Communication: Effective communication is critical during hurricane season. Provide all employees with a written hurricane procedure, ensuring everyone is aware of the necessary steps to take before, during, and after a storm. Keep updated contact lists for vendors and staff, and use clear signage and social media to announce any closures or cancellations.

Back-Up Critical Systems: Data protection is vital. Ensure all information technology systems are fully backed up and secure to prevent data loss and potential business interruptions.

Manage Fuel and Inventory: Ensure all company vehicles are fully fueled and advise employees to do the same with their personal vehicles. Take photos of your inventory, building structure, property, and equipment to support any potential insurance claims. This documentation will be invaluable in the event of damage.

During the Storm

Stay Informed: Monitor weather updates closely and be ready to act if conditions worsen. Promptly notify management about the need for closure if necessary. Prioritize safety by keeping employees and customers away from hazardous areas and watching for fallen power lines.

After the Storm

Inspect and Report: Once the storm has passed, inspect your premises for any damage. Document the damage thoroughly with photos to support insurance claims. If an employee finds downed power lines or other significant hazards, contact emergency services immediately.

Ensure Safety Standards: Verify that food supplies meet local health codes and that all mechanical systems are inspected and functioning properly. Prepare detailed damage reports with photos, covering both water and structural damage, to support any necessary insurance claims.

Why Choose SSI Services?

At SSI Services, we provide comprehensive support before, during, and after a major storm. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you develop a robust emergency response plan, tailored to your specific business needs. By following our recommendations and detailed checklist, you can reduce safety hazards, mitigate losses, and ensure a quicker recovery from any storm.

For personalized assistance and to ensure your business is storm-ready well ahead of time, contact us at (800) 263-2206 or email us at ineedhelp@ssiservices.com.

Stay safe and prepared this hurricane season. Let SSI Services be your trusted partner in hurricane preparedness and business continuity.

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